How To Choose Home Coffee Equipment?

Nov 16, 2020

Many friends have the habit of making coffee at home, adding some interest and sense of ritual to their daily life. How to choose a home coffee appliance? This article will introduce several classic coffee making appliances.

1. Automatic or semi-automatic espresso machine

espresso machine

Common coffee machines on the market are divided into automatic coffee machines and semi-automatic coffee machines. The difference is that the automatic coffee machine only needs to set the production parameters in advance and adjust the water tank and bean bin to achieve one-click production. It does not require manual technical assistance, is simple and fast, and is mostly used in offices or pantry. It is suitable for those friends who don't need to make coffee by hand and just want to get a cup of coffee quickly.

Semi-automatic espresso machine is a coffee machine that we often see in coffee shops. Skilled operation requires a certain degree of professional technology and a certain understanding of the machine itself. The characteristic is that there are more people involved, coffee extraction, and milk dispensation. You can experience the fun of making coffee by yourself.

From an economical and practical perspective, it is not recommended to buy a coffee machine blindly. If you are not a barista or a serious coffee lover, and the total household coffee intake does not exceed 10 cups a day, it is obviously not cost-effective to buy a piece of equipment. Apart from occupying space, high cost, and low frequency of use, the maintenance of machinery and equipment is ignored by most people.

The automatic coffee machine is cleaned and maintained regularly, the semi-automatic coffee machine is backwashed daily, the milk stick is cleaned and disinfected, the handle is soaked daily, the rubber ring is regularly replaced, and the boiler is regularly maintained. These are the basic conditions for prolonging the service life of the machine and ensuring a good cup of coffee.

Of course, if it is not for practical considerations, friends who are purely from the perspective of home decoration can ignore it.

2. American drip filter

American drip filter

Most of the company's pantry will be equipped with this kind of coffee equipment, and the household usage rate is relatively high. Put the filter paper, add coffee powder, and pour in drinking water. A pot of fragrant black coffee is ready in a while. The coffee strength can be adjusted by adjusting the ratio of powder to water. The operation is simple and convenient. As a family use, the drip filter can fully meet the daily needs and is cost-effective.

3. Moka pot

Moka pot

With its beautiful shape and various colors, it is widely used in families in European and American countries. The characteristics are: compact, not occupying space, easy to store. The production process is relatively simple and full of ritual. You can choose the size of the pot according to the number of people. It is a good choice whether it is a single noble or a family of three. The moka pot can be boiled directly on the stove. The brewed coffee is similar to the espresso produced in a cafe, with a layer of golden grease (crema) on the surface and a strong aroma. Add hot milk to make a good cup of coffee latte.

If you want to have a drink at the picnic, you only need to equip the Moka pot with a gas stove for outdoor use, and enjoy a good cup of coffee anytime, anywhere.

4. French pressure pot

French pressure pot

French press pot is also called tea maker, known as the best endorsement of lazy coffee. I believe that many coffee lovers will have this appliance in their homes. The simplest method can be used to complete the extraction. After warming the pot, pour coffee powder, add hot water, let it stand for three to four minutes, press down the pressure bar, and you can get a cup of delicious coffee. The characteristic is that it is convenient to carry, and one pot is multi-purpose. Not only can you make tea, make coffee, you can also use it to whisk milk. Cost-effective.

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