Glass Water Bottle

Glass Water Bottle refers to a cup made of glass, usually made of high-borosilicate glass, which is fired at a high temperature of more than 600 degrees. It is a new type of environmentally friendly teacup that is increasingly popular with people.
Structural classification
The glass cup is divided into double-layer glass and single-layer glass. The production process is different. The double layer is mainly adapted to the needs of the advertising cup. The company logo can be printed on the inner layer for promotional gifts or gifts, and the insulation effect is more.
Due to the similarities and differences of glass materials, the patterning process mainly includes screen printing and flower paper baking.
Screen printing is a single color, simple pattern, and the way of making ink by plate making.
Flower paper can be a variety of colors, usually can not have a gradient color, that is, standard red, yellow and blue.
Although the glass is transparent, it is not easy to store and must be placed carefully. In fact, in all the cups of the material, the glass is the healthiest. Because the glass contains no organic chemicals, when people drink glass or other drinks, don't worry that harmful chemicals will be drunk into the stomach, and the glass surface is smooth and easy to clean, so people drink with glasses. Water is the healthiest and safest.
It is best to clean the glass cup every time it is used. If it feels too much trouble, it should be cleaned at least once a day. It can be washed before going to sleep at night and then dried. When cleaning the cup, not only the cup mouth should be cleaned, but also the bottom of the cup and the wall of the cup should not be neglected, especially the bottom of the cup, which is usually not cleaned frequently and may precipitate a lot of bacteria and dirt.
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