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When To Use Cream Whipper Helpful Hints:
Oct 24, 2017

When to use cream whipper Helpful Hints: 

• Before filling your  Whipped Creamer, cool well under cold water, or place in the refrigerator.

• Only use soluble ingredients in your Whipper.  Insoluble substances such as seeds, pulp, etc. prevent the closure of the delivery valve and might otherwise impair the proper functioning of the Whipper.

• For sweetening, it is best to use powdered sugar or liquid sweeteners.  Granulated sugar or salt should be dissolved in water or milk before using in your Whipper.  Use powder or liquid spices only.

• Over shaking will make pure heavy cream too stiff for use in the Whipper.  Shake the dispenser only 3-4 times.  The Whipper does not need to be shaken again each time you dispense.  For recipes that include cream and other liquids, additional and more frequent shaking will be necessary.  If the contents are too thin you can always shake it more but  you cannot shake it less.

• Always hold the Whipper upside down (nozzle pointing downward), otherwise pressure will escape and some cream will remain inside the canister.

• For best results, serve immediately upon dispensing.

• For long term storage or your Whipper, keep the canister and head unattached.