What To Choose Coffee Mugs

- Feb 18, 2018 -

Coffee cups are generally made of pottery and porcelain cup two, in recent years, coffee must be hot to drink the concept, the cup maker even with this pay attention to the development of insulation effect of pottery cups, and even more than porcelain Made of a better bone china cup cup, the use of this texture contains animal ashes of bone china Cup, coffee can make the temperature in the cup slow down more slowly. However, due to its price is much more expensive than the previous two, so the average family is less used, only in the more attention to see the cafe.

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The color of the coffee cup is also very important.

Coffee color is amber, and very clear. So in order to show this feature of coffee, it is best to use a cup of white coffee cup. Some neglect of this issue in production, the various colors on the interior of the coffee cup, and even depicting complex fine patterns tend to make it difficult to distinguish coffee brewing done by the color of the coffee.

People generally like to use porcelain cups to interpret the meticulous and mellow coffee. Among them, the top porcelain clay mixed with high quality animal bone meal firing made of bone china, light texture, color and soft, and has ultra-high insulation, the best coffee to keep in the cup of warm memories. This bone china cup containing 25% animal bone meal is indeed beautiful and easy to use, but the price is not cheap. The average family seldom uses it. Only in the more sophisticated high class cafes or aristocratic gentlemen and other upper classes will be more popular. If you need to, find a bone china cup at the store, shine in light, light yellow, light metal with a light tap. Of course, due to personal preferences and changing places, the choice of the cup is different.

In the purchase of coffee cups, depending on the type of coffee and drinking method, and then with personal preferences and drinking conditions and other conditions to choose. In general, pottery cups are more suitable for deep fried and flavored coffee, while porcelain cups are suitable for lighter coffee. In addition, drink Italian-style coffee are generally used less than 100cc coffee cup, and drink a higher proportion of milk coffee, such as latte, French milk coffee, then use more cups without mug. In personal preferences, in addition to the appearance of the cup look, but also pick up to see if it is handy, so use will feel comfortable and comfortable. The weight of the cup, in order to select the light weight is appropriate, because the lighter the cup, the texture is more dense, dense texture that cup raw material particles are subtle, the cup made of close and small pores, not easy to make coffee stains attached Cup surface.

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