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Use Etiquette For Coffee Cups
May 08, 2017

Tasting coffee is not just a petty life, many people will choose to drink a cup of coffee in the café, or Cook coffee personally at home. Coffee after meals is usually filled with pocket-shaped cups. This cup of ears is small, and the fingers cannot be worn out.

But even with larger cups, do not use your fingers through the cups and ears. The correct method of the coffee cup, should be the thumb and forefinger Pinch cup handle will be the cup end. Choose the Lovers Coffee cup can choose some exquisite ceramic lovers coffee cup, will also bring oneself good mood.

To add sugar to coffee, sugar can be used to scoop the coffee spoon, directly into the cup, but also can first use the sugar clip to the sugar cube on the near side of the coffee dish, and then use the coffee spoon to add sugar in the cup. If you put sugar in a cup directly with a candy clip or hand, it may sometimes make the coffee splash and stain the clothes or tablecloth. Coffee spoons are specially used to stir coffee, and should be taken out when drinking coffee. No longer use the coffee spoon to scoop a spoonful of a spoonful of coffee, and do not use coffee spoons to mash the cups of sugar.

Drink coffee, can use the right hand holding the cup of coffee ears, the left hand gently holding the coffee dish, slowly move to the mouth gently sip. Not full grasp cups, big mouth swallowing, also unfavorable to bow to the coffee cup. Don't make a sound when you drink coffee. When adding coffee, don't take the coffee cup from the coffee dish. Just boiled coffee is too hot, can use the coffee spoon in the cup gently stir to cool, or wait for its natural cooling, then drink. It is a very gentle gesture to try to cool the coffee with your mouth. The cup and saucer of coffee are specially tailored, high-end coffee will be matched, they should be placed on the front or right of the drinker, the cup ears should point to the right-hand side.