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The Holiday Arrangement For Chinese In 2018
Jan 02, 2018

The holiday arrangement for Chinese in 2018

Holiday NameHoliday timeDeliver time for common products
The Spring Festival15th Feb to 21th Feb45 days for french press
Tomb-sweeping Day5th April to 7th April25 days for glass cup
Labor Day29th April to 1st May30 days for glass tea pot
The Dragon Boat Festival16th June to 18th June25 days for tea infuser
Mid-Autumn Festival22th Sep to 24th Sep25 days for coffee filter
National Day1st Oct to 7th Oct35 days for glass water bottle
The New Year for 201930th Dec to 1 st Jan 2019

30 days for cream whipper

Wish you everything goes well in the 2018.