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The Descaling Method Of Kettle
May 08, 2017

Lemon Removal of scale

Cut a lemon into the pot to boil after the bubble for a period of time, scale can easily be cleared. Supermarkets also have specialized detergent to scale to sell, the main ingredient is citric acid, efficacy with the same lemon.

Cooking the potato in addition to scale

In the new kettle, put half a kettle above the sweet potato, add full water, cook the potato, then boil, will not accumulate dirt. But pay attention to the kettle boil, the inner wall do not scrub, otherwise will lose the descaling effect. For the already full scale of the old kettle, using the above method boiled one or two times, not only the original scale will gradually fall off, and can play the role of preventing the accumulation of water scale.

Baking soda In addition to scaling

With the scale of the aluminum kettle boiling water, put 1 small spoons baking soda, boil a few minutes, scaling is apart.Boiled eggs in addition to scale

Boiling water pot, used for a long time of fouling hard to remove. If you use it to cook two eggs, you will receive an ideal effect.

Potato Peel descaling

Aluminum pot or aluminum pot after a period of time, it will have a thin layer of scale. Put the potato peel inside, add the amount of water, boil, boil about 10 minutes to remove.

Expansion and contraction of scaling

Put an empty kettle on the stove to burn water in the dry scale, burn to the bottom of the pot cracks or burn to the bottom of the pot "bang" ring, take the pot, quickly injected into the cold water, or with a cloth wrapped in the handle and pot mouth, hands hold, will burn dry kettle in cold waters, not to let water into the pot. Repeat 2 times to 3 times, the pot floor scale will fall off due to contraction.

Vinegar descaling

If the kettle has a scale, can put a few evenly vinegar into the water, burn one or two hours, scale is apart. If the main ingredient in scale is calcium sulfate, the soda solution can be poured into the kettle boil, can go to scale.

Mask Waterproof Scale

In the kettle put a clean mask, water boil, scale will be masks adsorption. The magnetization in addition to scale in the pot to put a magnet, not only fouling, boiling water is magnetized, but also has the prevention of constipation, sore throat.

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