Summer Is Comming, Production Line Adjust

- Jul 02, 2018 -

Summer is comming, production line adjust

The summer in China is from June to August, the average temperature can be 38 °C.

Our product, glass teapot and glass mug is hand blown, done by flame. So the temperature in our factory can be more than 40°C, too hot to production. So the deliver time during these month, pls kindly understand the deliver time during this month should be longer.

clear glass coffee mugs-6.jpgTeapot CTP002-2.jpg

The french press, glass water bottle are the similar, it is half handmade, the mouth and bottom is done in the flame as well.

glass tea tumbler .jpgblack french press-1.jpg

Only some stainless steel prodcuts, such as vaccum flask, tea infuser, coffee dripper... The factory is hot, but not the same as the glass series.

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