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Purchase Method Of Glass Water Cup
May 08, 2017

1. Whiteness: No significant color requirements for the bright material glass.

2. Bubble: Allow a certain width, a certain length of the bubble has a certain number, but can use steel needle broken bubble does not allow existence.

3. Transparent pimple: Refers to the melting of the vitreous, the capacity of less than 142L glasses, the length of not more than 1.0mm of the glass, the capacity of the 142~284mL glass, the length of less than 1.5mm, the glass body 1/3 of the transparency of a pimple not allowed to exist.

4. Miscellaneous particles: Refers to the opaque granular debris, the length is less than 0.5mm, not more than 1.

5. Cup roundness: refers to the cup mouth not round, its maximum diameter and minimum diameter difference is not 0.7~1.0mm.

6. Stripes: The distance from the 300mm visually apparent is not permitted.

7. The cup height is low deviation (the cup height is low deflection): one cup body the highest place with the lowest height difference is not much less than 1.0~1.5mm.

8. Cup Mouth thickness difference: not greater than 0.5~0.8mm.

9. Shear Seal: Finger stripes or centipede-like shear marks, not much longer than the 20~25mm, the width is not more than 2.0mm, more than 1 of the bottom, or white shiny, more than 3mm is not permitted.

10. Mould Printing: The cup body is the hidden imprint of the grain, the horizontal clear is not permitted.

11. Cup Body Suction flat: Refers to the cup body rugged, the horizontal clear is not permitted to have.

12. Wipe hair and Scratch: wipe the glass with the glass diameter friction, in the cup body left a loss of luster traces, flat see clearly not permitted. Abrasion refers to the glass cup collision between each other, the body surface of the scars left, shiny not allowed.