Mug And White Porcelain Cup What Is The Difference?

- Jan 01, 2018 -

1, Different styles: Compared with mugs, ceramic mugs are more retro and traditional. Many classical elements such as fish and insects and landscape flowers are very popular with business people and elders. Mug modeling rich, diverse colors, but do not buy too rich color mug, the color is mostly chemical raw materials, a certain degree of insecurity, a small amount of not much problem for young people, the average family use. Mug body can be designed into animals, plants, anime figures and other different shapes, the handle also has a large ring, small ring, and even the open ring and so on.
2, different materials: ceramic cups and mugs about the same size, may be small, ceramic cup made of bone china, magnesium porcelain, porcelain, porcelain points. Our most common ceramic cup is mainly white porcelain, reinforced porcelain-based. Bone porcelain is the raw material contains cattle and sheep bone meal, fired out of the product has better light transmission, glazed products delicate, light green products. Bone china is a high-grade material.
   Mugs are made of porcelain, glass, plastic and stainless steel. One of the best quality made of bone china's best quality mug.
3, different characteristics: Made of bone china ceramic cup lead-free, cadmium-free, no radiation, known as "thin as paper, sound as exhausted, white as jade, as a mirror" in the world, and the texture of ceramic cup light, Hard, not easy to wear and tear, a moderate translucent and thermal insulation, natural bone powder color is a unique natural milk white, green consumer goods.
   Mug containing more than 40% of the high value of natural animal bone meal, thin than the average ceramic cup, in the visual sense there is a special sense of cleanness, strength 2-3 times higher than the average ceramic.
4, different performance: In addition, with lid ceramic cup and mug, its insulation better. Some mugs are designed to be used directly in microwave ovens and in dishwashers, but there are also a few special cases that need to be used and maintained according to the manufacturer's instructions. As the principle of microwave heating are the same, therefore, enamel can not be placed in the microwave oven. Microwaves generate electrical sparks when heated and reflect microwaves, creating eddy currents. However, specially designed for microwave oven heat-resistant glass, heat-resistant ceramics and other special containers is OK. A little careful not to put the edge of the porcelain cup with porcelain bowl set into (as long as the reflection will not put), otherwise there will be Mars, a great harm to the microwave oven.

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