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Italian Mocha Pot Type Coffee Making Method
Jul 31, 2017

"Italian Mocha pot" coffee production methods need to prepare an Italian Mocha coffee pot, a 4 cup size Italian Mocha coffee pot, according to different materials, the market price of about 100~600 yuan.

Mocha is an Italian coffee brewing pot method, more suitable for the strong taste, but must pay attention to the deployment of quality coffee beans, coffee powder to fine grinding, and should grasp the cooking time and water, coffee is the most convenient one at home.

Coffee pie:

Clean the Mocha pot with an edible detergent.

The water will be injected into the next pot, the water must not be higher than the safety valve.

The ground coffee powder in the middle of the coffee container, with coffee spoon pressed, can according to the situation and then put a piece of paper or cloth, then clean the container edge.

When the upper pot and the lower pot are screwed tightly, the utility model can be heated on the heat source of an electromagnetic oven or a gas cooker, etc. at the same time, the coffee cup is preheated. Heating for about 2~3 minutes, under the water in the kettle began to boil and steam together through the filter into the pot.

When the pot has a sound of water, the steam emits, and the aroma of coffee is elegant, the coffee has been cooked, the heat is turned off, and the coffee is poured into the preheated coffee cup, and the authentic Italian coffee can be tasted. If there is a condition with fresh milk and Mo can do Italian foam Milk Coffee Cappuccino.

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