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Third, the French coffee maker

Use the most convenient and simple coffee pot, what kind of office, what kind of dormitory, with powder, can be used on the train. The pressure pot is also known as the French filter press, tea brewer, etc., which originated in France around 1850 and consists of a heat-resistant glass bottle (or transparent plastic) and a metal filter with a pressure bar. appliance. At first it was used for brewing black tea, so some people call it a tea maker. The principle of using the pressure pot to brew coffee: use the soaking method to release the essence of the coffee by the full contact of the water and the coffee powder.

Applicable coffee: coffee powder with a light taste.

Grinding degree: coarse granular.


1. Warm the filter press and coffee cup with hot water.

2. Pull out the filter set of the filter press. Pour off the water from the filter pot and put about 20 grams of coffee powder in the pot.

3. The filter press pot is placed at a 45 degree angle, and 200 ml of water of about 95 degrees is slowly rushed in, and it is allowed to stand for 3-4 minutes.

4. Stir the coffee powder with a bamboo stick and let the coffee oil mixed in it float on the top layer.

5. Put on the filter set, gently press it down, then pour the coffee into the warm coffee cup!

Usage of pressure pot to brew coffee:

1, the coffee powder should be slightly thicker (because the hot water is in direct contact with the coffee powder, it is too thin to be easily extracted)

2, must be fresh coffee powder, because it is not high-pressure extraction, the taste of the coffee powder is easy to come out sour and bitter.

3, water must use clean water.

4. Belgian coffee pot The most elegant coffee art, the most exquisite and most royal coffee pot... There are so many praises for Belgium.

Fourth, the Belgian Royal Coffee Maker

Also known as "Balancing Syphon". The inventor was British shipbuilder James Napier, who was already the royal coffee pot of the Belgian royal family in the 19th century. In order to highlight the imperial style, Belgian craftsmen have painstakingly created this elegant pot, wrapped in gold and cast copper, and created the original ordinary coffee pot, which is dazzling and decent, as if it brought an aristocratic atmosphere with life.

The Belgian Royal Coffee Maker works the same as Siphon Coffee, but it is very simple!

1. Add the required amount of water to the metal kettle, which is about 350 cc for two people and tightly covered.

2. Place the desired coffee powder, about 30g for two people in a glass jug at the other end.

3. Lift the metal pot, open the lid of the alcohol lamp, and cover the alcohol lamp with a metal pot to ignite the alcohol lamp.

4. When the water is heated, the hot water flows into the glass jug with the coffee powder in contact with the coffee powder. Once the water in the metal pot becomes less and less, the weight becomes lighter and lighter, and finally the alcohol lamp cover bounces off and the flame disappears. The metal pot does not After heating and cooling, the coffee is separated from the coffee grounds through a filter at the end of the siphon, and the water is slowly sucked back from the glass jug.

Belgian coffee maker operation process

The siphon coffee maker is also known as the plug pot or vacuum pot. It is divided into two sections, glass, and the bottom water is heated by alcohol or gas light. The coffee beans should be ground to medium thickness and placed in the middle. The filter screen, after the water boils, the vapor pressure forces the water to rise through the tube. At this time, the coffee bean powder in the upper pot is in contact with the hot water, and is mixed with a muddy shape by stirring action to dissolve the four flavors of the coffee. Fragrant. After the coffee and water are fully immersed, the extinguishing source is extinguished. After the air in the lower layer is cooled, a vacuum is formed, and the coffee liquid is sucked back into the base through the filter cloth. At this time, the coffee is poured into the preheated cup, that is, Indulge in its unique fragrance and taste its taste. In recent years, the so-called ground coffee (Italian espresso) has become popular. In contrast, this type of siphonic coffee maker requires higher technicality and more cumbersome procedures, and there is a gradual trend in the business community that is now counting down every second. However, the scent of the coffee that can be brewed in the siphon coffee pot is unmatched by the ground coffee brewed by the machine.

To make coffee with a siphon coffee pot, pay attention to the following points: water volume, water quality, heat, coffee powder dosage, thickness, mixing, time. detailed steps:

1. Pour hot water into the glass. When you cook a cup, add 200 ml of water to the ball. If you do not pour the bottom water, you need 175 ml. When you cook two cups, you need 350 ml. After pouring the water, wipe the glass under the ball with a rag, otherwise it will easily break the glass.

2. Put the filter into the ball. Take the filter out of the water, wash it, dry it, hook the hook of the filter to the bottom of the ball, and adjust the position of the filter to the middle position with the adjusting rod.

3. After the water boils, insert the ball into the lower ball and turn it into a small fire. Carefully place the ball on the glass obliquely into the lower ball to make sure that the water does not roll too much and spray it out. Press down and rotate at the same time.

4. After the water rises half, put the coffee powder, start stirring, and start the timing after stirring. Pour into the amount of each cup is 15g, and start the first time of stirring, do not circle around the mixing, should draw three-quarters of the round left and right, press the powder from the top to the bottom, so that two different directions The forces collide with each other, don't stir for too long, just let the coffee powder spread out.

Do the second agitation at 5.25 seconds.

6. The third agitation at 55 seconds and the fire at 60 seconds.

Ps: When you cook a single coffee for 50 seconds (the second time at 20 seconds, the third time at 45 seconds), when you turn off the cup, after the fire is turned off, the ball will be pulled up and the remaining water of the ball will be dumped. Then insert the ball back, this action is called bottoming water, if you do not want to do this step, the water can be as long as 175cc.

7. Immediately after the fire is turned off, wipe the glass under the wet and cold towel.

8. When the coffee liquid is filtered to the end, pull up the glass and do not let the last coffee flow down.

Ps: When brewing coffee in a siphon manner, the cleaning and storage of the filter cloth is a cumbersome task. After the first use, the cloth quality changes from white to brown, accumulating fat that cannot be completely removed. Protein, in contact with air, produces a disgusting odor that seriously affects the taste of coffee.


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