How To Use Various Coffee Pots(1)

- Aug 27, 2018 -

First, Mocha coffee pot

Italy uses the most common coffee maker

Mocha coffee pot is a high-pressure and fast coffee brewing method. Later, the coffee brewed in this way is also called mocha. When brewing coffee in this way, the fine powder of the same size of the ground particles is first compacted with a pressure applicator, and the coffee bean powder in the filter must be firm and tightly formed into a cake-like coffee piece to resist brewing. Hot water pressure of 8 to 9 bar. Under the strong pressure of hot water, look for the path to soak the coffee block. When the coffee block is pressed tightly, each coffee bean powder can be extracted by the hot water. The whole cup is injected into the cup and a small cup is instantly obtained. The rich and aromatic espresso on the palate, whether this pressure and resistance can achieve a balanced symmetry, is an indispensable factor in brewing a thick and delicious mocha.

Since Mocha coffee is used to force hot water to pass through the coffee powder at a pressure of 8 to 9 bar, the extraction time per cup of coffee is only about 25 to 30 seconds, saving a lot of time and cost, because the time of passing the coffee through the coffee powder is extremely high. Short, so the grinding scale needs to be detailed and stable.

The Mocha coffee maker is used in detail as follows:

1. Use Espresso-specific coffee beans, which requires finer grinding than American coffee, but it is still less granular, and it is still granular. If the grinding is too fine, the coffee powder will penetrate the metal filter and leave residue. And it causes too much extraction and is too bitter and too embarrassing. If the grinding is too thick, the hot water will pass through the coffee too quickly and the lack of extraction will not be enough.

2. Put the right amount of hot water on the bottom of the moka pot (usually boil a cup of Espresso no more than 60cc).

3. Put the coffee powder in the middle of the moka pot, in a container like a funnel. The amount of each cup is about 8 or 9g. Flatten the coffee powder and squeeze it slightly, but don't press it too tightly. In the pot. Finally, the upper and lower seats of the moka pot are completely tightened to ensure that the water does not seep out from the middle when cooking, and then the mocha pot is heated from the bottom. You can hold it by hand or put it on a special shelf. Heat the alcohol lamp or gas stove until the water has boiled and all flow to the upper seat.

Second, the American drip pot

From the name, you can know that this US is more common.

To be precise, it can't be a pot, but a way to make coffee. Put the filter paper or filter on top of the container, put the coarsely ground powder, and pour the water from above (the technique of adding water is very important), and the coffee leaks from below.

To brew a cup of drip coffee in the easiest way, you only need to prepare a filter (sold in many coffee shops in the market, divided into heat-resistant plastic, ceramic and metal materials, you can choose according to your personal preference) You only need to take a commonly used mug, put the filter on the cup, put the filter paper, pour the ground coffee bean powder, prepare a pot of hot water, you can brew a cup of incense at home. The hot coffee is now brewing. The filter paper dripping method is mainly to make the coffee bean powder and hot water fully mixed, then dissolve the four flavors and fragrances in the coffee, and then leak through the filter paper. This way can filter the fat contained in the coffee. , protein and bad impurities, get a refreshing coffee, enjoy the delicious while taking care of your health.

When you brew your own for the first time, just pay attention to the following items and enjoy the taste at home.

Beans: Good coffee beans have good coffee, choose the coffee beans that suit your taste, buy them according to the amount used, and keep them in a closed container to maintain their freshness and charming aroma. Of course, if you have more budget, investing in a good grinder is definitely worth it. Freshly ground coffee bean powder provides the fragrance that is emitted in the air, and the deliciousness that is brewed, so that your investment is definitely worth the reward.

Water flow: The biggest skill of brewing follicular coffee is the control of water flow thickness and stability. The stable and moderate water flow spirals outward from the center point of the filter. It is like a stirring rod to evenly mix coffee powder and hot water. Let all the sweets and sweets be released. If you are already fascinated by the follicular coffee brewing method, you can add another sleek brewing pot. Its biggest feature is its long and thin water outlet, which can never be used. People can also easily pour out a fine and steady stream of water to help you instantly have the brewing level of a professional coffee hand. The deliciousness of this cup of coffee is even more important.

Warm Cup: Also remind all coffee lovers that hot coffee must be served hot, which is the most delicious moment of coffee. The action of the warm cup can prolong the heat of the coffee, as long as the hot water is first poured into the coffee cup, the temperature of the hot water is used to make the cup warm, and the hot water is poured after pouring the hot water. Help the coffee to maintain heat and extend the time to enjoy delicious coffee.

Drip coffee maker use steps:

Step 1 The subsequent portion of the filter paper is folded along the suture portion and placed in the drip.

Step 2 Pour a portion of the coffee powder of Zhongyan Mo (about 10 ~ 12g for one person) into the drip with a measuring spoon, and then tap the surface to make it flat.

Step 3 After boiled in a teapot water, pour it into a small mouth water bottle, and gently inject the boiling water (water temperature about 95 degrees) from the center point, slowly infiltrating the water in a spiral manner and spread over the coffee powder. Be sure to pour slowly.

Step 4 In order to extract the delicious ingredients, steam the expanded coffee powder (for about 20 seconds)

Step 5 The second boiling water is slowly injected from the surface of the coffee powder. The amount of water to be injected must be the same as the amount of coffee liquid extracted, and the amount of water of the filter paper should be kept constant. Step 6: The liquid is discharged to the human part to stop, and the state of boiling water remains in the filter paper to discard it.


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