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How To Clean Mug
Jan 01, 2018

1, milk to taste: first with detergent to clean, and then into the plastic cup into the two soup key fresh milk, cover, shake, so that every corner of the cup with milk contact, about a minute, the last fall Remove the milk, the cup clean.
2, orange peel to taste: first with detergent to clean, and then put the fresh orange peel, cover, put about 3 to 4 hours rinse clean.
3, with the smell of waste tea. The smell of the cup, first scrub with waste tea, then rinse with water, the smell that is removed.
4, soak 30 minutes with salt water 5, with oxalic acid, get a little oxalic acid with a brush, brush it, and then with cold water several times, what the taste is gone, but also well remove the water stains and stains inside the quilt.


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