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How To Buy Plastic Water Cups
May 08, 2017

It is recommended to buy a regular mall or supermarket. When purchasing to recognize whether the merchandise has a formal manufacturer, whether there is a QS logo. Try not to choose a heavier water cup to prevent its heavier colors from masking harmful impurities.

In addition, to distinguish the safety of plastic water cups, one is to see whether the bottle walls are transparent and pure. Inferior Plastic products wash not clean, will hair sticky hair astringent;

The second is smell. Faulty materials has a pungent smell, even if it is loaded with drinks or food, not open the lid, also can smell from the outside;

Third, look at hardness, good plastic containers thick, good hardness, with hand to the internal pressure will not be excessive deformation;

Fourth is to see luster, good plastic container appearance has luster, inferior appearance somewhat dim.

When you distinguish, you can pour hot water into the plastic cups, see if the bottle is deformed, has no peculiar smell, and repeatedly upside down to see if the bottle's tightness.