Glass Teapot

- Jan 14, 2019 -

The glass teapot is divided into ordinary glass teapot and heat-resistant glass teapot. Ordinary glass teapot, beautifully good-looking, the material is general ordinary glass, heat-resistant for 100℃-120℃.

Heat-resistant glass teapot, made of high boron silicon glass material, is generally artificial blowing, low yield, the price is more expensive than ordinary glass. Generally can be directly burned to cook, temperature resistance is generally around 300 ℃ ~ 400. Applicable to black tea, coffee, milk and other beverages and food direct boiling, but also applicable to boiling water bubble a variety of green tea, flower tea. 

★★★ heat-resistant glass teapot Product Features ★★★

★ Full transparent glass material, with meticulous manual technology, so that the teapot always inadvertently exudes a moving luster, is attracted. 

★ Can be used alcohol stove, candles and other heating tools for open fire heating without cracking, can also be removed from the refrigerator, immediately injected with boiling water, with beautiful, practical, convenient characteristics. Fully transparent glass material, with meticulous manual technology, so that the teapot always inadvertently exudes a moving luster, is attracted.

★ more general utensils of glass does not contain antimony and other metal oxides, fully in line with the world's universal flower teapot standards, more commonly used aluminum, enamel and stainless steel, can be exempted from aluminum, lead and other metals caused by the harm to the human body. 

★ Long-term use of products do not remove tablets, with strong mechanical strength and good heat shock resistance.


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