Coffee Making Method Of French Press Pot

- Jul 31, 2017 -

First of all, you need to prepare a French pot and ground coffee powder (the thickness should be slightly thicker grinding, so that more suitable for French pressure pot).

This method can completely represent the quality and characteristics of coffee beans. Moreover, the method is simple and easy to operate. It is a good choice for making coffee at home.

Coffee pie:

8 cup size French press pot as an example, take 54 grams of coffee powder into the pot.

The pure water to the boil, put to 92-96 degrees, and then water poured into the French press pot (Starbucks coffee powder and water of the golden ratio is 10 grams of powder, 180 ml of water).

The coffee powder in the pot for 4 minutes and then slowly remove the filter pressure, isolation of coffee residue.

Preheat and reserve the coffee cup in order to ensure the temperature and does not affect the taste.

Finally, pour the filtered coffee into the preheated coffee cup.

Pure coffee in just a few minutes to complete the production, it is extremely simple, and the coffee pot is not very expensive, a method of type 4 cups of coffee pot size in Starbucks's price of about 198 yuan, 8 cup size of about 298 yuan price. Some places also need to pay attention to, such as the choice of the coffee pot, should choose the screen is a metal material and other materials will produce odor; a pot of coffee, please run out in 20 minutes, cool not only flavour, but also affect the taste; sour, freshness keeping period should also pay attention to coffee beans should be sealed for 7 days only. And stored at room temperature, avoid damp, not put it in a refrigerator.

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