Cleaning Of Coffee Cups

- May 08, 2017 -

As for the coffee cup cleaning, due to the fine texture of the coffee cup, cup face tight, small pores, not easy to attach the coffee scale, so drink after coffee, as long as immediately rinse with water, that can keep the cup clean. After the long-term use of coffee cups, or after the use of not immediately rinse, so that the coffee scale attaches to the cup surface, at this time can put the cup in lemon juice soaked to remove the coffee scale. If the coffee scale can not be thoroughly cleared at this time, you can use the neutral dishwasher, stained in the sponge, gently wipe clean, and finally rinse with water. In the coffee cup cleaning process, strictly prohibit the use of hard brush brushing, also to avoid the use of strong acids, strong alkali detergent, to avoid the coffee cup surface scratches damage.

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