Changing Color Mug

- Aug 16, 2018 -

When the cup is filled with hot water or warm water, the pattern outside the cup will change color according to the temperature of the cup, also known as the ounce color cup. Color: 9 kinds of inner color: pink, red, orange, yellow, black, dark blue, light blue, light green, green; 10 kinds of edge color, more than one kind of medium blue.

Principle of discoloration

Principle 1: The outer cup and the inner cup are coaxially arranged, and a sandwich cavity filled with a thermo-sensitive volatile liquid is arranged between the bottom ends of the two cups. The outer wall of the inner cup is engraved with an artistic pattern passage communicated with the cavity. After the cup is poured into hot water, the thermosensitive liquid in the sandwich cavity will produce color changes and escalate into the inner cup pattern passage, so that the cup wall shows the artistic pattern, so that people can get aesthetic feeling and artistic enjoyment.

Principle 2: Mark cup adopts heat transfer printing process, which requires spraying a layer of transparent resin paper with special requirements on the surface of ceramic handicraft. Generally, the special heat sublimation ink is printed on the ink-jet or special paper by a printer, and then the picture and text are transferred to the coated ceramic glass products by heating at a certain pressure and temperature. . The thermosensitive thermochromic ink is used in the thermochromic mug, which is also called "reversible thermochromic ink" because of its reversible process. When the temperature rises, the bottom layer is displayed.

Material Science

Usually, the thermal transfer coating material is produced by fully automatic closed spray workshop. Its main advantages are high color reduction, high surface brightness, no floating dust on the surface, strong adhesion and high hardness of the coating. In addition, there are very few black spots on the surface of the cup, and the shape of the cup is highly regular and the cup surface is very white. The material of the cup is basically ceramic, plastic, stoneware, white glaze, or glass.

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