Caffeine Articles All The Way: Pick A Coffee Cup

- Feb 18, 2018 -

Why do I need a coffee cup?

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Standard coffee cups are complete, including cups, saucers and spoons.

American coffee can put milk and sugar on the plate, easy to deploy based on personal taste. Some cafes also use cup and saucer to place cookies.

Ordinary glass cold and hot have a risk of burst, so the coffee cup usually need to select the material with higher temperature tolerance, such as ceramics, bone china which has better thermal insulation than ordinary ceramics, can make coffee in When the cup, the temperature dropped more slowly, to a greater extent to ensure the taste.

Choose the right coffee cup

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1, the size of coffee cup

● small coffee cup: 100CC the following, mainly for Italian concentration, such as Espresso.

● medium-sized coffee cup: about 200CC, the most common coffee cup, you can add their own milk and sugar.

● large coffee cup: 300CC or more, mainly for more foam coffee fancy, such as latte, mocha.

2, coffee cup material

● porcelain cup: the most widely used coffee cup, white porcelain cup can better observe the color concentration of coffee. Divided into white porcelain, bone china, glazed have different colors and patterns.

● Cup: baked from clay, the surface is rough, strong texture. The disadvantage is that the rough surface is easy to dirt, not conducive to cleaning.

● glass: transparent cup wall to better show the level of fancy coffee, double glass has a better insulation effect. The disadvantage is that the heat resistance is not very good, so more for ice coffee.

● plastic cup: to choose good heat resistance PP material (cup bottom marked "5"). Ordinary plastic cups in the hot coffee, not only the cup heated smell will destroy the original taste of coffee, affecting the taste, but also may contain the cup of toxic chemicals into the water.

● metal cup: metal cup, usually have a good texture, but the metal is a good conductor of heat, used to drink coffee cooling too fast, it is not easy to warm the cup. And the metal elements may dissolve in acidic environment, used to contain acidic drinks is not safe.

Cup of coffee cup mouth


● Straight cup: Cup wall and desktop vertical, more concentrated coffee entrance, taste buds directly touch the sweet and middle areas, taste more balanced.

● wide mouth cup: Cup relatively large mouth, will be expanded outward, it also allows coffee to better access to a broader taste buds, let your tongue feel the full flavor of coffee, especially the acidic flavor of the experience.

The thickness of the coffee cup

● thick-walled cup: is conducive to heat, for latte, cappuccino and other fancy coffee.

● thin-walled cup: a more delicate sense of the population can feel the coffee from hot to cool show the different flavors, more suitable for a single product of coffee

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