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Analysis Of The Material Of Coffee Cup
May 08, 2017

There are many kinds of materials for coffee cups, such as pottery, stainless steel, bone porcelain, etc. Porcelain and pottery are glazed firing, pottery texture is more rough, slightly absorbent, if the glaze dropped, that part of the easy to be contaminated by washing; porcelain texture is fine, not absorbent, of course, the price will be a lot of high; Bone porcelain cup is very good insulation, can make coffee in the cup to keep the temperature, but the price is very high; double-layer Stainless steel cup insulation super high, durability will not be worn, the price of the bone porcelain coffee slightly better, but lack of aesthetics; the rustic simplicity of the Pottery Cup, with the porcelain cup rounded, respectively, logo different coffee attitudes

Tao Bei: Rich texture, suitable for deep baking and strong taste of coffee.

Porcelain Cup: The most common, can precisely interpret the delicate coffee. Among them, with the advanced clay, mixed animal bone powder cooked bone porcelain cup, texture lightsome, soft color, high density, good insulation, can make coffee in the cup slower to reduce the temperature, is the best show of coffee flavor of the wonderful choice.

Under the idea that coffee must be heated to drink, the cup industry even with this exquisite, the development of the insulation effect of pottery cups, even better than porcelain cups of bone porcelain cup, using this texture contains the bone of animal bones porcelain cup, can make coffee in the cup of the temperature lower speed. But because its price is much more expensive than the front, so the general family is less used, only in the more fastidious café see.