Glass Mug

Glass Mug is hand-blown with high-temperature heat-resistant borosilicate glass. From material to structure, from detail to collocation, we strive to achieve a minimalist lifestyle. Simplicity is a mood. Simplicity is a happy, infinite inner world, nurturing that simple love. The rich tea is long and fragrant, making life a little more flavorful and more attractive.
1.Glass Mug uses high borosilicate green glass, crystal clear and good texture. It has corrosion resistance, hygienic and durable, high brightness, automatic boiling sound notification, elegant shape and so on.
2. It has strong mechanical strength and strong performance for quenching and rapid temperature changes.
3. Strong corrosion resistance to chemicals such as acids and bases.
4. Easy to clean and does not absorb the taste of tea.
5. It is mainly suitable for: herbal tea, black tea, green tea, Pu'er tea, health tea and craft tea, can also be used for brewing coffee and milk products, etc., has high ornamental and fun, and enhances not only Your taste for life!
1. After Glass Mug is opened, wash it with detergent and dry it. Do not use hard objects such as steel brushes to wash the surface.
2. Please do not use it as a common tool to strike the impact to ensure its life.
3. Daily use of diligent cleaning, can keep the product glamorous.
4. If there is any stain, it can be washed with toothpaste.
5. After use, please clean the product and dry it in a dry and ventilated place.
We are one of the largest glass mug suppliers and manufacturers in China, taking Europe and North America as main market. Our glass mug is mainly competitive in quality materials, good performance and long durability. Please be free to wholesale our quality products.
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We are one of the leading and reliable glass mug suppliers and manufacturers in China. Our glass mug has been exported to more than fifty countries, mainly to the Europe and North America. If you're interested in our glass mug, please rest assured to wholesale.