Stainless Steel French Press

French filter press selection tips:
The quality of Stainless Steel French Press depends on the quality of the filter. It is extremely important to choose a spring to filter the coffee powder, which will directly respond to the taste of the coffee.
In fact, if you want to choose the most practical coffee starter, the French pressure can not be monopolized, but it will be among the top three. Its controllability to time and the convenience of observation are unmatched by other brewing appliances.
It is time to play with the Stainless Steel French Press. The same conditions of beans, grinding, and water temperature have different effects. Generally speaking, the longer the taste, the more intense the taste, but the bitterness, the astringency and the odor are prone to occur. However, when the five major changes in coffee change, the control time will have unexpected results: such as deep-roasted beans with a shorter time control will get a great scent and sweetness, shallow roasted beans need a little more time to extract Acidity and aroma are expressed.
If you don't like the leaking fine powder from the pressure pot, you can filter it with filter paper after the coffee is washed.
Usage of pressure pot to brew coffee:
1. The coffee powder should be slightly thicker (because the hot water is in direct contact with the coffee powder, it is too thin to be easily extracted).
2. Must be fresh coffee powder, because it is not high-pressure extraction, the taste of Chen coffee powder is easy to come out sour and bitter.
3. The time to rest is about 3-4 minutes.
4. Water must use clean water.
5. Do not use too little coffee powder, usually two square spoons of coffee powder (about 20g) plus 200ml of water
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