French Press

The French Press is a tall, thin glass cylinder with a piston with a filter. One of the benefits of the French coffee maker is that the amount of coffee powder and water is easier to control when brewing multiple people, and the brewed coffee is also relatively stable.
The benefits of French presses:
No need to use electricity or alcohol lamps;
No filter paper, saving money and environmental protection;
Small size and easy to store;
Expired coffee beans can also be used to make coffee oil. If you like a mellow taste, it is suitable;
Baking imperfect coffee beans, brewing in a French coffee pot, basically can't drink.
Brewing points:
Coffee powder should not be ground too young, with moderate grinding, about 5-6 degrees. If the powder is too young, the coffee powder will run out of the hole in the filter and the coffee will become cloudy.
The water temperature should not be too high, about 90 degrees Celsius.
Soak for about four minutes. The longer the soaking time, the stronger the taste and the heavier the sourness. Each coffee bean has a different taste and personal taste and taste, so try it out.
Suitable for coffee beans from a single source, or coffee beans with a strong acidity.
Suitable for medium to deep roasted coffee bean filters (eg Nanyang Coffee).
Do not press the filter when standing, so that coffee and water have more time and space to contact.
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