Coffee Maker

Coffee Maker is an appliance for brewing coffee.
The pressure pot is used to release the coffee essence by soaking. The method of operation is also simple, convenient and quick, very easy to master, suitable for use in the home or office. The flavor of the single-cooked coffee can be better reflected. Those who do not like coffee filter paper can consider this pot.
The high borosilicate glass body can withstand an instantaneous temperature difference of 200 degrees, is explosion-proof and durable, and can also enhance the insulation effect of coffee. The 150-mesh ultra-fine interlaced filter can strongly insulate the powder, and the high-efficiency filtration effect is required.
The Moka pot is a tool for extracting espresso coffee and is commonly used in European and Latin American countries. It is called “Italian drip filter pot” in the United States.
The mocha pot is a two-layer structure. After the boiled water in the lower part is boiled, it is sprayed into the upper part of the pot through a mesh filter containing coffee powder. Although hot water can be used to inject the hot water into the finely ground coffee powder, strictly speaking, this is not a concentrated extraction, but rather a drip-type, but the coffee made by the Moka pot still has the Italian coffee Espresso. Concentration and flavor.
Traditional mocha pots are made of aluminum and can be heated with an open flame or an electric stove. Since this aluminum mocha pot cannot be heated on an induction cooktop, modern mocha pots are mostly made of stainless steel, and an electric heating mocha pot like an electric kettle has appeared.
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