Iced Brew Coffee Maker

Components of Iced Brew Coffee Maker
The stainless steel filter allows the passage of essential oil while maintaining all the filter residue in the filter. It can be easily removed after use.
Dual-use cover
The glass and silicone cover can be placed in the cafe while brewing, featuring a completely sealed opening even if the filter is removed.
Glass bottle
Made from plexiglass, this Iced Brew Coffee Maker is heat resistant and does not absorb any odors, chemicals or residues. Give you fresh coffee every time you drink. The teapot is available in a variety of sizes.
Easy to pour out nozzles and handles
Easy to design and easy to dump. The silicone stopper keeps the coffee fresh even after one week in the refrigerator.
Easy to cook in cold - with a few simple steps, you can easily enjoy a batch of fresh cold coffee at home. Simply fill the filter into the coffee and brew in water for 12-24 hours.
The long-lasting design is kept fresh for a week - our designers have worked for weeks to design both fun and practical. A specially designed lid keeps the refreshing week of the dress.
It is versatile, so you can enjoy a cup of tea by simply placing the tea in the filter.
Excellent convenience design - The handle and nozzle design is easy to pour out without any spillage. Easy to put in the refrigerator door.
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