Tea Infuser

There are many kinds of teapots on the market. With the improvement of people's aesthetics, the teapots designed are more and more amazing, and the Tea Infuser built in the teapot is more and more refined. The style of the tea filter is taken below:
1. Small bowl.
The small bowl of tea strainer is named for its style as a small bowl. The 304 stainless steel woven mesh is machined into a bowl shape and the flange is welded at the edge. When used, the flange is stuck in the mouth of the teapot or teacup to prevent the tea from flowing out and affecting the taste of drinking tea.
The advantage is that the shape is light, easy to rinse, and the price is relatively cheap.
2. Cylinder type.
Unlike the small bowl tea filter, the cylindrical tea filter is produced by a welding process. The stainless steel wire mesh is cut into a mesh piece and then rolled into a cylindrical network tube. The high-temperature welding of the welding machine is used to weld the flange at the upper mouth, which is convenient to be placed on the teapot mouth. The advantage is that the size can be made larger and used in glass teapots.
3. Etching the mesh cylinder.
The etched net has strong rigidity and flexibility, is not easy to be deformed, and is easier to clean. Therefore, it is mostly used in food appliances. Nowadays, tea wares are often made of etched nets.
The advantages are: more refined and beautiful. The price is slightly more expensive than the first two, but the value for money.
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