Coffee Dripper

Coffee Dripper is a coffee filter.
Stainless steel base
Atmospheric circular base, suitable for a variety of coffee pots, with a silicone edge, can increase the friction, more stable and tight and durable.
Stainless steel filter
The filter has a two-layer structure and the inner layer is a 304 stainless steel spun yarn that filters 99.99% coffee grounds.
Bottom design
The bottom of the sealed coffee needs to be filtered out through the holes in the side of the filter, so that the coffee extraction is more sufficient without uneven extraction.
Combining the practicality and aesthetics of the filter coffee is that the V-shaped base is round. The power of the filter: the ratio of the amount of dust collected by the filter to the amount of dust in the unfiltered air is the "filter power". Particles smaller than 0.1 mm (micrometer) are mainly used for diffusion motion. The smaller the particle, the higher the power; the particles larger than 0.5 mm are mainly for inertial motion, and the larger the particle, the higher the power.
Resistance of the filter: The fibers bypass the airflow and produce small resistance. The sum of the resistance of many fibers is the resistance of the filter. The filter resistance is improved with the addition of the gas flow rate. By increasing the filtering data area, the relative wind speed of the filter material can be lowered and the filter resistance can be reduced.
The dynamic performance of the filter: the captured dust has additional resistance to the airflow, so the resistance of the filter is gradually added. The captured dust constitutes a new obstacle, so the filtration power is slightly improved.
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